Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with membership?

Membership means access to all the content of the website. You will get privileges that differ depending on the type of membership. For example, members with full access can view any type of content on the website as well as updates to our collection of adult media.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription anytime by going to My Account > My Subscription page.
You will keep access to membership benefits paid previously until the end of the subscription period.
After subscription cancellation, a confirmation message will be sent to you via email. If you experience any problems with cancellation, please contact our customer support service.

How do I recover my password?

There are several ways to recover your password:
– Check your account registration email.
– Click Lost password? link in the bottom of the Login\Signin popup and fill in your email or username.
– Contact the customer support service to ask for assistance.

Why can’t I access the site I paid for?

Please get in touch with the customer support service to receive assistance with any access issues.

Why can’t I view all the content using my trial subscription?

Trial memberships feature only limited access since they are designed to give you a preview of the content.
In order to gain full access to the website’s content, you will need to purchase a full membership or upgrade your trial membership to the full one.
Your trial subscription is renewed automatically: you will receive full access after 3 days if you didn’t cancel the subscription anytime.

Is there a way to get full membership instantly?

Yes, click on the Instant Upgrade button in My Account > My Subscription page or Instant Upgrade link above the blurred restricted image post. You will be redirected to the Membership subscription page.
To upgrade your membership, you will need to choose the full access option and complete the standard payment process. You will receive an email with an upgrade confirmation.

Where can I view my subscription info and billing history?

Please, login and proceed to My Account to view subscription information and manage your account.

How can I contact your customer support service?

You can leave us comments and messages about any issues in the contact form here.

Can you fulfill individual requests?

We do not do commissions. All our content is available to all our members. You can leave a suggestion or comment in the comment section or using the contact form. The feedback is greatly appreciated.
Your request will be reviewed. We will try to fulfill it if and when possible in future updates.

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